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San Juan, Siquijor

San Juan is a 5th class municipality in the province of Siquijor, Philippines.

San Juan, which was originally a part of the towns of Siquijor and Lazi until it was organized by virtue of the Acta del Año 1863, is noted for its white sand beaches and bountiful marine life. There are many areas of interest for snorkelers and scuba divers all along its shores. Beautiful, sparkling beaches can be found in almost every coastal barangays. The municipality is also known for the natural spring-fed pool, St. John de Capilay Lake, which is located in the heart of the town and is a favorite swimming spot for visitors.


Pumpboats travel between Dumaguete and Tambisan, San Juan daily.

Other points of interest: Bulalakaw Forest Reserve, St. Augustine Church Bell Tower and underground caves found in the nearly every Barangay.

Distance to Siquijor (via Bolos) – 7 kilometers and to Lazi – 19.5 kilometers.


San Juan is politically subdivided into 15 barangays.

* Canasagan

* Candura

* Cangmunag

* Cansayang

* Catulayan

* Lala-o

* Maite

* Napo

* Paliton

* Poblacion

* Solangon

* Tag-ibo

* Tambisan

* Timbaon

* Tubod

San Juan town to hold Bugwas Festival (26 July 2006) -- In its bid to have its own town festival, the municipality of San Juan in Siquijor province, whose vision-filled residents want to call it as the province's Tourism Capital, is slated to hold a Festival on August 26 as one of the highlights of the celebration of its Annual Town Fiesta in honor of its beloved patron saint, St. Augustine of Hippo.

The festival's name passed through an intensive search and selection which was mainly based on the premise that San Juan municipality was once known to have its former name Capilay, a name derived from the natural body of water coming from within the fenced town plaza located at a stone's throw distance from both the Roman Catholic Church, Convent, Municipal Building and Rizal Monument, among other landmarks.


In a sort of brainstorming session, several proposed names emerged, among them were Bugahanay, Bugwasan, Bugwas, Buhagay, Bugahay and Capilay. In the process of screening out the less appropriate names, the Body trimmed down the selection to only three, Buylo, Buhagay, and Bugwas. The Fiesta Officers deliberately excluded the name Bugahanay since there were opinions that it somehow sounded as festival of festivals, and there is possibility that it could be reserved for a district or provincial level, or even a bigger festival. When the proponent for the name Buylo withdrew his proposed name, the number was further reduced into only 2, namely Buhagay and Bugwas.


In the final selection, majority of the attending personalities settled in on the name Bugwas which literally means a strong and continuous flow of water coming from an abundant source, and this would point to the idea that this town is naturally blessed with sources of livelihood and life by our Creator and Divine Providence. This name also denotes that the town is abundant in natural and other forms of resources which are mainly derived from its bodies of water, both fresh (potable) and marine, that lies within its territory.


Presently, there are already five identified festival contingents, three coming from the fifteen barangays, one from DePEd and the Municipal Government. Having a sixth contestant is not far-fetched as the San Juan Senior Citizens and the St. John High School had been requested to study on the possibility that they will field their own contingents.




Attractions at San Juan, Siquijor

Capilay Spring Park