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Santa Marcela

It is a municipality in the province of Apayao, Philippines.
Santa Marcela is part of the seven municipalities in Apayao. A fifth class municipality with over 11,000 people. It is the smallest and youngest town in the region.

Regarded as the "Cassava Basket" of the province, Santa Marcela takes pride in its overabundance of diverse ethnic groups that are packed with cultural traditions. It is the best small town in the province that is proud of its history, culture, and tradition.

Santa Marcela is inhabited by various ethnic groups.  These tribes diversified in nature exhibit a unique culture which enriches the total cultural landscape of the town. The blend of these unique cultures has evolved into an outstanding mixture that continues to transform Sta. Marcela's way of life capped with the philosophy of "Unity in Diversity."

The Bacut Lake is the home of the most bizarre of spots the province of Apayao provides. Back in the day, it was just a small parcel of water, yet it was transformed to a dam because of its affluent feature for water reservoir. The place is endowed with an inimitable site. The islet at the center is exceptionally eye-catching and roofed with diverse species of flora and fauna. The place proudly offers a cool and picturesque venue for camping, boating/rafting, picnics, fishing, eco-touring and a ultimate place for resting.