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Tobias Fornier

Romance with the setting of the sun at Punta Hagdan and Taguimtim, Tobias Fornier, a place where mountains meet the sea, literally.

The negotiation for the barter of Aninipay was made with one gold salakut and a gold basin, with additional token of a beautiful necklace for Maniwantiwan.


After the barter, the Aetas moved to the hinterlands and the Maraynons started clearing up the new place for them to live in. Some Malays proceeded to the north while others landed in the south.


Traveling on foot, the Malays under the leadership of spouses Dawa and Ohoy reached the place of the thickly forested virgin land. To Dawa and Ohoy, this place was a promised land, so they decided to settle. When they were clearing the area, they found a gigantic tree with thick foliage. The natives also believed it to be enchanted and therefore was made a thing of worship.


The tree occupied a big space and its waving branches gave shelter to the people. Considering Ohoy and Dawa to be the most important persons, they named the tree DAO, “DA” from Dawa and “0” from Ohoy most probably to remind them of the strong sturdy leader like the tree. This is how the town got its name, Dao.


However, its name was later changed to Tobias Fornier in honor of its most distinguished son, the late congressman of Antique.



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