The Subok - Rizal Events

The Subok

Good Friday | Rizal, Philippines


A group of men, after feasting and overnight meditation, gather around the church to wait for the flowerdecked carroza of the Santo Sepulcre, a wooden statue of the dead Christ. They rush forward to insert various objects in the folds of the robes, under the feet, in the hollows of the hands. The image is then loaded with handkerchiefs, bronze medals and pieces of paper inscribed with Latin phrases. The float is encircled by the men with linden hands.
After the procession, these men retrieve the objects from the image. Now it is the time for the "subok," that is putting into the test the talismans by using whips, revolvers, knives and machetes (bolo) throughout the afternoon and evening, or till Saturday. Each one tests the effectivity of his talisman by requesting another man to shoot , whip or stab him.