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Tuna Festival

September 3-5 | General Santos City

Fishing is the fastest growing industry in the city. It is in fact largely responsible for the economic boost enjoyed by the city today. Coming close to Navotas' daily fish landing volume, the city's fish port ranks first in terms of high value fish. The city proudly ships sashimi-grade tuna to Japan, Canada, United States, Hong Kong and leading hotels in Metro Manila. It is also home to seven of the biggest tuna processing firms in the Philippines with a combined canning capacity of 570 metric tons a day. The city has now over 50 commercial fishing companies landing a collective volume of 8,000 metric tons of sashimi grade tuna per month.

All these statistics and more add to the fore of the concept, that of building a trademark for General Santos City. The Tuna Festival is not merely a spectacle but a venue to showcase the city's pride and meaning. In its entirety, it is a celebration of the ocean's bounty. Moreover, it is fortifying the tangible strength of the city, wherein collective spirit is the inspiration that underscores the leadership of the city's affairs.

The festival is about revelry and gaiety giving back the glory to the ocean for the abundance and bounty of tuna.

One of the more interesting fiestas in the Philippines is the Tuna Festival in General Santos City. Most probably, this celebration was inspired by the fact that this particular city is referred to as the country’s Tuna Capital. The city’s contribution to the overall revenues of the government deserves to be honored as it operates a prosperous tuna industry. The tuna trade is responsible for generating at least 100,000 employment opportunities, either direct or indirect for its local populace including the nearby vicinities.


A parade normally opens the festivity to begin this fiesta. The students in General Santos, from elementary to high school levels, energetically perform dancing to upbeat music. The floats displayed during the parade are giant replicas of tuna together with its fellow creatures from the sea. After enjoying the visual delights, you should then try to satisfy your taste buds with the various tuna delicacies prepared by the people there.


The Tuna Festival is something you would find pleasure participating as there are many activities designed to make sure that everyone has a memorable time. You can attend the parties, join in the contests and watch the free shows that the committee in charge of this fiesta has planned for its numerous visitors.


How to Get to Gen. Santos City


By Air
Manila to General Santos City - Philippine Airlines Flight; daily
Manila to General Santos City via Cebu - Air Philippines; daily
1 hour 45 minutes from Manila by air


By Sea
Manila to General Santos through WG&A Superferry via Iloilo - Davao (twice weekly); through Negros
Navigation via Iloilo - Zamboanga (once weekly); through Sulpicio Lines (twice weekly)

By Land
Davao City to General Santos City - Bus Ride; daily














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