Local Philippines Events
July 04 | Tubod, Lanao del Norte The Sagayan features a war dance performed by warriors carrying elaborated shields and weapons. The women dressed in colorful clothing also perform a dance called "Kasiduratan". Native instruments such as the kulintang and the agong provide the accompaniment.  How to get to Sagayan Festival  The most convenient way to Lanao del Norte is through Iligan. To get to Iligan you must first reach Cagayan de Oro city either by air or by sea. If taking off within the Mindanao area, you can also try land transportation. You can ride a bus to Iligan once you reach Cagayan de Oro.  Source: travelmart worldeventsguide

June 10 – 11 | Tudela, Camotes Island  The sweet potato, known in the Filipino vernacular as camote, is the focus of a Cebu festival known as the Camotes Cassava festival. The town of Tudela celebrates the sweet potato and cassava, a product derived from this delightful root crop, during this Cebu fiesta, holding cooking competitions, exhibits even a beauty pageant. A yearly celebration of a bountiful harvest. A time where farmers display various cassava-based products, share their varied technical experiences in producing and processing cassava products. Among the activities are the Best Booth Contest, Poster Making contest, Search for new cassava food products, cultural night and the search for Miss Camotes Tourism 2003. Source:Cebu Central.com 

June 11-12 | Masbate, Philippines.  Pagdayao, in the Masbateno dialect, loosely means the act of praising, of honoring and thanksgiving.  Thus the event manifests the religiosity of the Masbate people, a trait most Bicolanos are noted for. The festival coincides with the annual fiesta of Masbate in honor of St. Anthony de Padua.  Features include: Historico-Cultural Street Presentation depicting the town's past, Agro-Industrial Fair, Sports Tournament, and the Search for Miss Masbate. Source:Regional Development Council V

June 12 | Gubat, Sorsogon, PhilippinesA festival based on the roots of the town of which its name was derived. It features the following activities: cultural street parade, exhibit, sail boat race, beauty pageant, fiesta celebration and the Balik Gubat which is the highlight of the festival. Source:Sunstar.com.ph

June 12- 16 | La Trinidad, Benguet, PhilippinesGeneral cleaning and tree planting acitivity along with cultural shows and sportsfest. Source:Travelmart.net

June 21 |San Vicente  Municipal Foundation Day Celebration.  Source: Palawan Government

June 12 | Sibulan, Negros OrientalA fluvial procession along the Tañon Strait commemorating the founding of the statue of Sr. San Antonio de Padua, Sibulan's Patron Saint.  The procession is part of the town's annual feast. The procession is held the day before San Antonio de Padua's Feast.  Devotees in huge number join in the procession aboard motorized pump boats queuing towards the municipal boundaries. SourceOfficial Website of Sibulan

June 12 | Toledo City  The term hinulawan refers to the old name of the place. It is also an abbreviated form of the Cebuano phrase "Hinaguang Bulawan" which literally translates to "hard-earned gold". The Hinulawan Festival showcases different cultural dances portraying the past and present of Toledo. It features the different historical eras of the place - starting from the Pre-Spanish era up to the modern times of Toledo. Source:ASMS Batch 1991Cebu Province Official Website 

June 13
June 13 | Zumarraga, Samar  One of the cleanest towns of the province, rich fishing ground.  Source:Province of Samar

June 13
June 13 | Tuburan The Tubod Festival is a tribute to the municipality's patron saint, San Antonio de Padua. The festival is celebrated with a parade and group dancing. Tuburan's history and culture are also highlights of the event. Source:Fiat Digital Video and PhotographyCebu Province Official Website