Local Philippines Events
May 1 | Milaor, Camarines Sur, Philippines. A summer festival in Milaor to commemorate the Foundation Anniversary and Feast Day of St. Joseph the Worker. Various colorful activities are featured to boost local tourism. Source:Province of Camarines Sur 

May 1| Minalabac, Camarines Sur, Philippines  Considered as one of the most colorful and interesting fiestas in the Bikol region which takes place at the old, sleepy town of Minalabac . The Tumatarok Festival is celebrated every 11th of May which is done in honor of their two patron saints, Sts. Philip and James. Main highlights of the festive occasion include the evening tide fluvial procession where colorful floating pagodas crowd along the banks of the Bikol River ; the religious dancing of little boys who are called here as the Tumatarok ni San Felipe-San Tiago or the Rice Planters of Sts. Philip and James. These little boys, ages 8 to 11, sing the traditional Bikol hymn to the two saints. Likewise, after the celebration of the mass the next morning, the ten tumatarok once again performed another ritual, this time a sacred dance, in the sanctuary of the Church. It was said that their dance was a prayer to God, thanking Him for blessing upon the coming rice planting season which then and even now is the main source of income to many Minalabacueños. SourceProvince of Camarines Sur 

May 1-4 |Taytay, Palawan  The Pasinggatan Festival is an annual celebration featuring street dances, merry making ,and various shows. Participants mainly consist of different cultural groups that make up the Taytay population. Source: Palawan Government 

May 1 | Negros Occidental  Also known as “cooperation,” it is celebrated through sports competition, street dancing, cultural events, and float parade. Source:Fly Philippines

May 1-7 | Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines.  Parade of beauties from Tourism Oriented and related Establishments of the city. Source:Wowphilippines.ca  

May 1-7 | Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines.  The Pilipinyahan Fest is conceptualized by Tagaytay tourism council in coordination with the Local Government unit to promote the pineapple as the most appealing agricultural product in the locality. Source:Wowphilippines.ca

May 1| Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines.  Lingayen, the capital town of Pangasinan and the seat of the provincial government, holds the Pita’y Dayat celebration every May 1 in celebration of the bounties of the sea. Now, Pista’y Dayat is not celebrated in Lingayen alone but also in the other coastal towns of province that has their equally beautiful beaches. May 1’s Pista’y Dayat has become Pangasinan’s answer to national festivals like Mardigras, Ati-Atihan and Sinulog.  Source:Businessblog.prepys.com

May 1| Alaminos City, Pangasinan, Philippines.  This starts with the traditional Novena for nine days, in honor of the Virgin Mary followed by Santacruzan in celebration of the Holy Cross. Loveliest Alaminos ladies are selected to participate in the late afternoon procession that often stretches into evening wearing elegant gowns. Source:1stphilippines.com

May 1 | Alitagtag, Batangas, Philippines.  The festival is celebrated in honor of the Holy Cross. The observance peaks on the 31st of May with a colorful procession. The cross is mounted on a gaily decorated float together with other floats with flowers carrying other Marian images.  Source:1stphilippines.com

 May 1-15 | Roxas, Palawan, Philippines The festival aims to mirror the richness of Roxas’ cultural heritage to increase awareness of the different tourist attractions and destinations in Roxas.  Contact : Palawan Provincial Tourism Office/ Municipality of Roxas (Ms. Emie Madeja and Ms. Che Fajardo) Telephone No. : (048)-433-2968/ 0921-9652668 and 0916-4000314  Source:Visitmyphilippines.com