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Alabat Island

The 192 km2( 74 mi2) island is situated just off the East coast of Southern Luzon Philippines. Between Lopez Bay in the East and Calauag Bay in the West. The exact GPS coordinates are 140 16’ N and 1220 03’ E. Alabat Island is composed of 3 small towns. Perez in the Northern tip, Alabat town proper in the center and Quezon in the South. The island boasts of warm waters, scenic beauty, flora and fauna, clean environment, beaches, mountain ranges for hiking and camping and of course the warm treatement of the Alabateños.



Events Related to Alabat Island

Sinagingan Festival

Attractions Related to Alabat Island

Balon Falls
Dumagat Settlement
Hill 120
Kutang San Diego
Lamon Bay
Mahangin Falls
Malinta Tunnel
Melco Beach
Suhot Cave