Alaminos Coral Reefs - Pangasinan Attractions

Alaminos Coral Reefs

Alaminos Coral Reefs is located in Alaminos City, Pangasinan, Philippines.


The Hundred Islands National Park is also a home to the fragile and diverse jewels of Coral Reefs. These corals also protect the 123 islets coast from the impact of waves. Divers and snorkelers can surely enjoy this adventure. However due to dynamite and cyanide fishing some of the coral reefs have started to deplete and become endangered, but with the concerted effort of the localities rehabilitation and restoration has been done by planting artificial reefs in some parts of the park. Just like the natural reefs, they will serve as vital breeding grounds for the sea creatures, so they could again flourish and replenish the Park’s resources. The City is committed in securing the protection of these new treasures.



Events Related to Alaminos Coral Reefs

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Flores De Mayo
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