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Bathala Caves

Bathala Caves is located in Barangay Ipil, Sta Cruz, Marinduque, Philippines.


The Bathala caves are said to be mystical and a repository of psychic power emanating from various points of the universe. It is believed that there are seven caves within complex. Only four of these caves have so far been explored. The first is called the Simbahan owing to the natural rock formation within its church-like interior: Stalagmites forming a rough likeness to an altar, a silhouette of the Madonna and Child, the bell-like stalactites. The second cave, darker and deeper than the Simbahan is occasionally guarded by a python, from the ceiling of which hang hundreds of giant bats. Another cave has an underground river. Inside the fourth cave are human bones, which the people believe to be the remains of World War II soldiers.



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