Abucay - Bataan Destinations


Abucay is part of the municipalities that comprises Bataan. It is a municipality with over 38,000 people.

Agro-based industry like piggery, poultry-raising, rice mills and fishponds are mainly the business activities in the municipality. Broom-making and fish-processing are also prevalent in the area.

Abucay is currently a developing town. For the leisure industry, Abucay offers lots of places of interest like the Sibul Spring, the Pasukalan Falls, the Raven Resort, and the Abucay Catholic Church.

Mabatang, Abucay's biggest and most progressive barangay, is known as the Christmas Capital in Bataan for their yearly Christmas decoration competition. Every corner in Mabatang is full of life with lights and decorations. And some of the famous walis tambo (broom) you buy in Baguio City is actually from Abucay, Bataan.