Bataan - Bataan Destinations


Bataan is a province of the Philippines occupying the whole of Bataan Peninsula on Luzon. The capital of Bataan is Balanga City. Tourists can get to Bataan by car and by bus. Bataan is a bit over two hours away from Metro Manila via car while it takes around three hours to reach Bataan via bus. Bataan has a lot to offer when it comes to cuisine. From traditional Filipino foods to foreign cuisines, choices are endless. It also offers a rich selection of places to stay---hotels, corporate lodging, resorts, vacation cottages, retreat facilities, inns. During the month of November, the province celebrates the Pawikan Festival. Many vacationers check out this sanctuary to be able to get a chance to see turtles come up to shore at night to lay their eggs. In fact, tourists can even "adopt a turtle" during the celebration and personally hold and release a baby turtle into the sea. Sources: Wikipedia