Anini-y - Antique Destinations


Anini-y is one typical town of Antique that is imbued with historical facets and tourist attractions.


The town started as an arabal of Dao now Tomas Fornier in the year 1843 while Spain still ruled over the island, In 1848, the parish priest of Anini-y and Dao initiated the transfer of the barrios of Magdalena, Casay and San Francisco from Dao to Anini-y. It was then that Anini-y established its legal identity and became separated from its mother town. The coming of Americans at the turn of 20th century and the introduction of the democratic government reverted Anini-y to its status as arabal of Dao.


Anini-y is known for Sira-an Hot Spring Development Complex, Nogas Island and the provinces oldest Hispano church at the poblacion. This triad will complete the south leg of the proposed Panay Tourism Triangle of Boracay in the southwest, and Sicogon on the northeast.



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