Antipolo - Rizal Destinations


It is a city in the Philippines located in the province of Rizal.

The City of Antipolo lies approximately 29.30 km. East of Manila and is bounded on the North by the town of Montalban, on the northwest by the towns of Marikina and San Mateo, on the southeast by the towns of Tanay, Teresa and on the southwest by the Town of Taytay and Cainta. It is about 10 km. North to South and about 20 km. From East to West. The City was named after a tree locally known as Tipolo (Artocarpus cummunis) which was in abundance in the area at the time. Historical records of Mr. Beinvenido M. Alarcon concerning Antipolo says that the early written account of the city's history was recorded in 1578 by the Franciscans missionaries who came to christianize the natives like the Dumagats. Early records referred to the natives as Tagal, Indians and Black (the aetas).. In 1591, the Jesuits replaced the Franciscans in Antipolo who organized the village into a parish. They built a chapel in Sitio Sta.Cruz, among them were Fr. Pedro Chirino and Fr. Francisco Almarique. The same year, the first homily in Tagalog was delivered in a holy mass.


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