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Badian is a 4th class municipality in Cebu.

Badian is a 4th class municipality in the province of Cebu. It is situated in the southwestern coast of Cebu and is about 97 kilometers from Cebu City. The municipality is bounded on the north by the municipality of Moalboal, on the east by the municipalities of Dalaguete and Argao, on the south by the municipality of Alegria and on the west by Tañon Strait. The name “Badian” was derived for the plant called “Badyang” which used to be abundant long ago.

Badian boasts of breathtaking beaches. But more than anything else, Badian has become known because of its two nature-given attractions, the Kawasan Falls in Matutinao and the world famous Badian Island Resort.

The majestic Kawasan Falls, with its deep cool crystal-clear waters surrounded by tall and huge trees, is just one of many waterfalls that make up the Matutinao River System. Adjudged to be the cleanest river system in the Philippines, Matutinao stretches 18.35 kilometers from the Municipality of Alegria to the river's mouth in the Tañon Strait. Its source if freshwater comes from a large underground reservoir that emerges to the Kabokalan Springs. The river system, composed of springs, streams and waterfalls, has been awarded several times in the past years as the Cleanest and Greenest River in the Philippines.


The Kawasan Nature's Park is the entry point to the river system, the Kawasan Falls and the Kabokalan Springs. It is approximately a two-kilometer uphill walk toward the Matutinao River Canyon where different kinds of flora and fauna can be seen.

The Badian Island Resort and Spa has become part of the world’s tourist destination network. The resort has sandy beaches, a natural spa and a dive center that operates all year round and is equipped with the best dive equipment. Boat rides to a romantic private beach at the Coral Garden is also offered, which is a perfect place for swimming, or snorkeling to explore the fascinating underwater world at their “house reef.”

In celebration of Badian’s Annual Fiesta, the Banig Festival showcases the town's various handicrafts, cultures, and delicacies, focusing specifically on the native handwoven mats known as “banig.” This festival, which is observed in the month of July, includes street dancing with costumes made using banig material, a trade fair showcasing the banig and other native products, and a banig-making contest.




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