Balanga - Bataan Destinations


It is a municipality in Bataan.
Balanga is part of the municipalities that comprises Bataan.

Balanga City is mainly a residential-agricultural city. In the recent years, it is gradually becoming an important commercial city in Region III.

Agribusiness has always been Balanga's leading industry. In fact, it is one of the richest towns in Bataan. Fishing also provides a steady source of income, especially for those who lived in barrios near the sea or near the rivers.

Being the center of trade and industry, and the seat of government in Bataan, Balanga is now a flourishing municipality. The citizens of Balanga are called Balangueños.

In Balanga City, travelers can catch some rays in resorts like the La Vista Inland Resort and Rolancor Farm, Vicarville Resort, Joyous Resort, Bethsaida Resort, and at the Vetaf's Farm.

Each hotel in Balanga City is a class of its own, whether its simply a wash up room or for long-staying purposes, the top of the bill is their people - service beyond expectation!