Bani - Pangasinan Destinations


It is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines.
The town of Bani, founded on March 18, 1769, used to be a part of the province of Zambales. In May 1903, it was transferred to Pangasinan together with the towns of Agno, Alaminos, Anda, Bolinao, BurgosDasolInfanta and Mabini because the provincial capital then, Iba, was very far and transportation was difficult.
The original name of the town was San Simon. Historical records show that the townsite was transferred from Namagbagan to sitio Almacin in 1859 due to conditions harmful to the health of the residents because of the terrain of the site and for convenience.

Attractions at Bani

Baliwanga Falls
Nalsoc Cave