Cagwait - Surigao del Sur Destinations


The Municipality of Cagwait is about 32 kilometers Southwest of Tandag, the capital town of Surigao del Sur. It is bounded by the towns of Bayabas on the North, Marihatag on the South, the Diwata mountains on the West and the Pacific Ocean in the East.

Cagwait is politically subdivided into 11 barangays.

    * Aras-Asan
    * Bacolod
    * Bitaugan East
    * Bitaugan West
    * La Purisima (Palhe)
    * Lactudan
    * Mat-e
    * Poblacion
    * Tawagan
    * Tubo-tubo
    * Unidad




Attractions at Cagwait

Kaliguan Fluvial Festival