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Don Salvador Benedicto

It is a municipality in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines.

Don Salvador Benedicto is a 5th class municipality situated at the mid-center of the hinterland of the entire north of Negros Occidental. It is 47 kilometers from the Provincial Capitol. Hailed as the Summer Capital of Negros Occidental because of its cool weather all year round, Don Salvador Benedicto is also locally known as the province's “Little Baguio.” What makes this place unique is the numerous conical hills surrounding the area, something that is very similar to the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, though much smaller in number. Located downstream of Poblacion, man-made rice terraces which more or less looks like the ones in Banaue can also be seen while traversing the highway.

In Barangay Kumaliskis, just a 10-minute ride from the town proper, the 120-foot Malatan-og Falls is a sight to marvel at. Also known as Cigarette Falls, it is probably one of the best sights in the area. A viewing deck has been established by the local government to cater every tourist who would like to watch the overflowing falls of Malatan-og.

Another scenic spot is the Alindahawan Falls in Barangay Bago. But getting to the site is no trip for the fainthearted. At least 27 kilometers farther from the town’s boundary in the north, one must endure 15 to 30 minutes of walking through slippery terrain and a rice field, and a steep climb to the top of the falls. However, the trek is worth it since exhaustion is wiped away by the breath-taking sight of this magnificent waterfall.

On the road to Don Salvador Benedicto via the Pandanon, Murcia route, a one of a kind experience awaits travelers. The Magnetic Hill Experience, as it is popularly known, has intrigued many commuters to try it for themselves. People say that when vehicles are put in neutral gear beside the KM34 SB13 road marker, they seem to move uphill even if the accelerator is not stepped on.

A famous landmark in Don Salvador Benedicto is the Stone House, which has been featured in many local and national television programs. The interior of the house displays many interesting furniture and art pieces, while outside, garden settings which include a pavilion (complete with a mini-bar) and a bahay kubo are conveniently placed all over the property.

Other features the town offers are the Villa Ica Garden, Kape Musang, and a number of caves and other waterfalls scattered all over the municipality.



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