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Itbayat is part of the municipalities that comprises Batanes. It is the largest of the three inhabited islands of Batanes.

A direct route from Manila by plane is the only way to reach Itbayat. Garlic, pineapple, and coconut trees are Itbayat's major products. It is also home to coconut crabs.

Itbayat offers a diverse choices of attractions for its vacationers.

Siayan Island - An island with beautiful beaches which is located at the north of Itbayat . Travelers can have a one hour motorboat ride from Itbayat yet depending on sea conditions.

Di'nem Island - An island made of lowering cliff with boulder beaches and good for mountain climbing.

Rapang Cliff - A natural park with a ringing mushroom like rock, believed to have been used to call the ancient settlers to a meeting.

Mount Riposed - This volcano has panoramic view of the island and this is one of the two volcanoes that have been the foundation of Itbayat Island.

Mount Korobonan -The other pair of Mount Riposed that is one of the foundation of Itbayat. It is also an old settlement for the early settlers of Itbayat.

Torongan Cave -The most ancient dwelling place and on top is a burial ground, and believed to be the first landing place of the austronecians from Taiwan 2000 BC.

Nahini Votox
- With its own Ijang and boat-shaped burial grounds. It is also an ancient settlement with plenty of broken clay pots. Its Ijang has a spectacular view of Dinem and the easter cost of Itbayat Island.

Underground Stream in Kumayasakas - It flows down the sea, northwest of Itbayat.

Itbayat Caves - These caves have a magestic feature of stalagmites and stalagtites. The caves are named Northern Sarokan, Eastern Sarokan, Do'tboran Cave, and Pevangan Cave.

Agosan Rock
- A rock formation north of Itbayat. It is a breeding site for endangered birds.

Venacular houses - These are composed of 3 structures: the Kitchen where they use kugon to cook, the actual house where people stay, the bathroom.

Port Mauyen - An alternative port south of Itbayat with 14 zigzag roads. Located 14 kilometers from town.

Groto - It has 155 steps up

Attractions at Itbayat

Itbayat Island