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Batanes is the northernmost and the smallest province of the Philippines. It is also the smallest in terms of population and land area. Basco is the provincial capital of Batanes. The province is composed of ten islands, called the Batanes Islands. In general, Batanes has a satisfyingly cooler climate due to its greater distance from the equator. The generally cool climate of Batanes combined with its unique appearance, gives tourists a feeling of being in a foreign land. Batanes holds one of the most festive town fiestas. It also offers numerous exciting places of interest such as the Ivatan houses which are made of thick lime and stone walls with cogon grass roof. Another interesting spots to visit are the the Marlboro Country and the Y'ami. They are architectural wonders. For the travelers who like adventure, they can visit unspoiled beaches, go hiking, bird watching, or fishing. March to June is the peak months of fishing for during the summer months, the seawater is becomes moderately calm. Best time to go The months of January to June is the best time to visit Batanes. Vacation rentals will not be a problem because Batanes has been receiving tourists for years now. Check out the list below. Getting there Tourists can take the bus or private cars, or fly via Seair and Skypasada. Sources: Wikipedia WikiTravel