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The bustling town of Jagna, Bohol has rich cultural heritage and vast natural resources as well as historical and tourist spots.

Jagna is a bustling port town situated 63.1 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. It lies at the southern coast of Bohol and is a 5th class municipality rich in culture and natural resources. “Jagna” came from the vernacular exclamation “ni hagna na”, the occurrence of boiling oil reaching the stage when it is almost done.

The town celebrates the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel every September 29th of each coming year. Weeks, and even months, before the feast day, Jagna is already a hive of activity. Aside from the Jagna Feast Day of St. Michael the Archangel, two other festivals are celebrated in the area namely Pandayan and Sinu-og Estokada. These festivals and feast days are rendered with much fanfare which includes the presentation of dances and other competitions aside from the basic activities of novenas, the celebration of the Mass and a procession.

Jagna, as most towns of Bohol, is blessed with natural and beautiful land formations, waterfalls, caves, beaches and more. Most of these attractions are yet unexplored and untouched and known only to the immediate inhabitants of the town and fellow Boholanos lucky enough to have traversed its domain. The most popular of these tourist spots include the Eva Cave at Barangay Odiong, the Cantuyoc Cave, Luinab Rice Terraces, Kinahugan Falls, Boctol Waterfall, and Can-uba Beach.

Another attraction in Jagna is the Jagna Lodge Bohol, a guest house located on a cliff overlooking Can-Uba Beach and the Bohol Sea. The Can-uba Beach next to Jagna Lodge is a public beach and blessed with a long stretch of white sand and cool blue waters. The Lodge has three bedrooms, five bathrooms, kitchen and sala, which are fully furnished. A stairway leads to a secluded area where one can swim in crystal-clear water. Cliffs with deep recesses and caves are on the sides giving shade to the bathers. The cliffs are often used for cliff diving.




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