Mariveles - Bataan Destinations


It is a municipality in Bataan.
Mariveles is part of the municipalities that comprises Bataan. It is a first class municipality with over 102,000 people.

The town is now a built-up area of diverse Filipino and foreign cultures as local migrants flock to the municipality for job and livelihood opportunities. Foreign expatriates associated with export manufacturing firms have also established their residence in Mariveles.

Rice, mangoes, legumes, vegetables and coffee are some of the agricultural resources of the municipality. It also has marine resources like round scad, grouper, mussel and abalone; mineral deposits of granite and basalt and forest products like vines and bamboo.
Investment Opportunities in Mariveles
With the Petrochem Complex and Plastic City, jobs and investments started pouring in Mariveles. 
For vacation rentals, guests can choose between Piazza Hotel and Hilltop Hotel. In the future, tourists can lounge around and enjoy the water and the view in Camaya Coast, which has yet to be developed starting 2010.  

Attractions at Mariveles

Balon Anito