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It is a municipality in Bataan.
Orani is part of the municipalities that comprises Bataan. A first class municipality with over 59,000 people.

Most industries existing in Orani are agriculture-based. Rice, coffee, vegetables, peanut, citrus trees and fruit trees Orani's major crops.

Cutflower production are locally cultivated such as aster, chrysanthemum and gerbera. While bamboo and jungle vines can be gathered from Orani’s lush forestlands.

Aquaculture resources like milkfish, tilapia, crabs, mussels and oysters are caught in Orani’s loaded fishing grounds and fishponds. Prawn processing has become a major dollar earner for the municipality. Garments manufacturing and metal and iron works also boom in the area.

Attractions at Orani

Church of Orani