Sagada - Mountain Province Destinations


It is a municipality in the province of Mountain Province, Philippines.

When you talk of Sagada, what comes to mind are vast lands of green mountains, hills, and valleys.

Thus, popular activities in Sagada are trekking, exploring waterfalls, spelunking, bonfires, picnics, rappelling, visiting historical sites, nature hikes, and participating in tribal celebrations.


If you get there, we recommend that you drop by the Sagada Tourism Office where you can get guides for a minimal fee upon registration.


Backpackers and tourists can enjoy the waters of Bokong and Bomod-ok Falls. Other interesting places to visit are:


  • Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves
  • Bomod-ok and Bokong Falls
  • Rice terraces
  • Echo Valley
  • Kiltepan Tower
  • Underground River
  • Lake Danum
  • Hanging Coffins





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