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Samboan is small town in Cebu Province.

Samboan is a 5th class municipality in the province of Cebu. It is situated in the southwestern coast of the island of Cebu and is about 140 kilometers from Cebu City. Samboang is an abbreviation of the word Sinamboang, a means of fishing commonly used by fishermen of the village, and the origin of the name of the town.

Samboan is famous for its beautiful crystal clear waters along its coastal barangays. It has a very rich marine ecosystem as can be seen in its Colase Marine Sanctuary in Barangay Colase. The Colase Marine Sanctuary has an area of 15.88 hectares and includes a fringing reef which is well developed along the reef crest. It is one of the most preserved marine ecosystems where sharks, dolphins and whales often visit and all kinds of fish can be found even at the most shallow part of the shore.

One of the now-famous natural treasures of the municipality is the long-kept secret of Samboan, the Aguinid Waterfalls in Barangay Tangbo. Aguinid Waterfalls is a system of falls which runs some two kilometers from its base. It is composed of five different levels, with each level having a unique waterfall. In the neighboring Barangay Bonbon, one can also see the equally beautiful Bonbon Hidden Falls which some visitors call the “Triple Drop Falls.”

Another unique spot to visit in the northern part of Poblacion (town center) is the Ponong Hidden Lake. Not an actual lake, but a type of a closed lagoon, Ponong Hidden Lake has brackish water. A certain kind of bird, the “manolong,” is said to dive into its salty waters and stay under for a long time in order to escape hunters. Also near the town center, at the hilly portion, lies Sitio Calina-ay where the cool lagoon of the Balay’g Sawa Falls is located. It is a smaller waterfall but has a bigger lagoon for swimming.

In the mountain portion of the municipality is the newly-paved road connecting Samboan and Oslob town which is named Calderon Highway. It is perfect for mountain biking, riding and even hiking to the Samboan mountains. One of the famous mountains here is the magnificent Mt. Bartolina in Barangay Monteverde, where one can climb the peak and see both sides of Cebu, facing Bohol Strait to the East and Negros' Tañon Strait to the West. Bartolina Mountain is the highest peak in the south of Cebu.

Aside from its natural wonders, Samboan is also rich in its cultural heritage. the St. Michael Archangel Church, one of the oldest churches in Cebu, is situated on a plateau overlooking the Tañon Strait. The church complex has a three story watchtower made up of blocks of coral stones. It is the tallest and most preserved in the entire island of Cebu.

Another old site which leads to the watchtower is the Escala De Jacobe or St. Jacob’s Ladder. It is an archway which starts from the foot of the hill leading to the lower story of the watchtower. It rises 147 steps from near the beach up to 200 feet above sea level.



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