Binongey Festival - Pangasinan Events

Binongey Festival

April | Anda, Pangasinan, Philippines.
From the coastal town of Anda, binongey cooking dates back during the “dappat” period in Anda. This was the time when people from the Ilocos came to this side of the country to look for a place rich in resources where they can freely acquire land. Since they cannot locate bolos where they would cook their traditional “tinubong”, they used the available bamboo and coconut abundant in the town.
The outcome was the delectable “binongey” which became part of Andanean’s fiestas and other special occasions and gatherings. Binongey is made of sticky rice cooked with coconut milk and placed inside a bamboo and cooked in a low fire. Binongey Festival was launched in April 2004 under then Mayor now Board Member Alicia Pulido. Today, it has become part of the town’s fiesta celebration.