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Hortus Botanicus

Hortus Botanicus houses a collection of both introduced and endemic plants that are properly labeled and arranged according to families.


The Hortus Botanicus or garden is set in Milibili, a barangay of Roxas City, which is around 3.12 kms. from the city proper and 950 meters away from the national road. The site is nestled along the gentle rolling hills of Milibili, a natural setting for the different plant collections.


The existing body of water at the site can hold aquatic plant accessions and facilities for recreation. Its location is ideal for seminars, hands-on training programs, for retreats or simply a place to unwind.


Plant hobbyists, on the other hand can learn more here and avail of planting materials for their collection. The gardens are not only a living museum of plants or a sanctuary and conservation area for the city’s plant species but also a learning center where livelihood activities like the setting-up of backyard gardens, training for garden services and other allied activities can be conducted.



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