Local Philippines Events
April 25 26 | Rizal, Cagayan,PhilippinesCelebrates the town fiesta of Rizal highlighting the Malaweg ancestry and cooking of glutinous rice on bamboos; showcasing the culture in songs and dances. Source:Wowphilippines.ca

April 25 | Sampaloc, Quezon, Philippines.  Fiestas and festivals are colorful traditions brought by our Spanish ancestors. These are characterized by so much merry making, highlighting the undying culture of our nation, the inherent warmth of the Filipinos and the love for music and arts in different forms. Festivals evolved to become a means for tourism development. Arts and crafts, music and local products meld to become what a locality is known for not only locally but globally as well. But like all conceptualization of any event, festivals started as small gatherings to display the peoples' ingenuity and gratitude for blessings received. Later, these small events flourished through the creativity, talent and love for festivities. Like any other town with beautiful and nurtured traditions, Sampaloc has finally decided to pool all its resources to create a festival that would reflect its inherent culture, show to every one the products of which Sampaloc is known for, showcase the hidden talent of its people, to create a niche in the tourism map. Like other grand undertakings that started with small steps, Sampaloc began its initial step by launching its first Sinampalukan Festival which reflects the "awit, sayaw at katuwaan ng mga Sampalukin".  Source:Tourism.qzn.ph

April 25-30 | Hinigaran  Hinugyaw, meaning rejoice/revelry in the local dialect, is celebrated with mith and glee.  Source:FlyPhilippines

April 25
April 25-27 | Lagawe, Ifugao, Philippines. Town Fiesta adopting the ritual term "kulpi", a family thanksgiving after transplanting the rice seedlings. Source:Philtourism.gov.ph  

April 25 | Nueva Valencia The festival is a tribute to the local's old and trusty karosa which has been the farmer's ally in carrying crops and produce to the market.  A karosa is a makeshift sled usually made of bamboo and pulled by a carabao or water buffalo. Nowadays, the lowly karosa has been transformed into grand sled carrying colorful displays. A parade of colorful karosas carrying beautiful maidens and the municipality's bounty is the main event of the festival. Read more about Karosahan Festival.

April 25 | Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines  A simple town festivity that has evolved into a world-class celebration: Welcome to the BAHAGHARI FESTIVAL!Tracing its roots from the mythical founding of Pinamalayan, the Bahaghari Festival is a reflection of the first Pinamalayeños' joy and thanksgiving for the divine guidance of a rainbow that guided them through a raging sea towards a land of promise and bounty. This "Celebration of Colors" represents the vivid flavors of Pinamalayan that are as varied and mesmerizing as rainbow hues.  Source:Pinamalayan.gov.ph Philippinefiestas.com

April 26 | Molave, Zamboanga del SurThe Kutsitsa Festival is celebrated as a thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest. The event includes a street dancing competition and an agro-industrial fair. How to get to Kutsitsa FestivalThere are two operational airports in the province: Zamboanga in the south and Pagadian in the northeast. Several airlines maintain regular flights to and from Zamboanga City. and Pagadian.  It is also possible to travel by passenger ferry. From Manila, Cebu and a number of other ports regular ferry services are available to and from Zamboanga City and Pagadian City.  The province can also be reached by car or bus from the north and the east. Roads, however, are often in a very poor condition. Source:travelmart      

April 26-28 | Sagñay, Camarines Sur, Philippines.  The festival showcases the different tourism areas in the district and launch the municipality of Sagay as summer capital of Partido. Visitors converge in Nato shoreline or Baybayon in local dialect where various activities are featured.  Source:VisitMyPhilippines.com  

April 26 - May 2 | San Jose de Buenavista, Anique  Commemorates the landing of the ten Malay datus in Malandong, Hamtic, Antique in the middle of the 13th century to set up the first Malayan settlement or barangay in this country. Started in 1971, it is now attracting the attention of the Filipinos and foreigners alike.  Source:Corporate.mozcom.com 

April 27
April 27 | Baguio City, PhilippinesA commemorative event reliving the liberation of Baguio City from the control of Japanese Forces through a moving pageant along Session Road.  Source:Wow Philippines!