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Santa Isabel Fort

This fort was built in the mid to late 17th century by the Augustinian Recollects who replaced the early Jesuit community. In those days, the church and the military traveled hand-in-hand throughout the Philippines, building small chapels and protecting them with large fortified walls and a military regiment. Both the fort's cannon and its chapel remain intact to this day. Santa Isabel Fort is located in the town of Taytay, eight hours by jeepney from Puerto Princesa. The historic Taytay Fort built in 1667 under the Augustinian Recollect Fathers was usedas a military station during that period. The fort's small chapel and cannon are still intact.


How to get to Santa Isabel Fort

From Malvar Terminal in Puerto Princesa, one can take a Taytay-bound jeepney or bus and get off at the Taytay church. The fort can be reached by a three-minute walk from the church. Taytay is 215 kilometers away from Puerto Princesa. Travel time : Eight hours from Puerto Princesa to Taytay church.



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