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Located in the Eastern Visayas region, Biliran is one of the smallest provinces in the Philippines.

Historical Background
Biliran was known as Isla de Panamao during the Spanish rule. Historians believe that the province derived its present name from a native grass called borobiliran, which are once abundant on the island. Meanwhile, other experts argue that Biliran was named after the old Visayan word bilir, which translates to “corner or edge of a boat.”

In 1712, the Spaniards founded the first town in the province named Biliran. It was a part of Cebu until 1735 when Biliran, along with Samar and Leyte, were constituted into a separate province. Thirty-three years later, Biliran became part of Leyte after Samar and Leyte were split into two provinces.

Geography/Area and Location
Biliran is located several kilometers north of Leyte. It is bounded by Caraga Bay on the south, Samar Sea on the east, Visayas Sea on the north, and Biliran Strait on the west. Biliran, which has a total land area of 536.01 square kilometers, is the fourth smallest province in the country.  Its main islands are Biliran Island and Maripipi Island. The province has also several uninhabited islands such as Higatangan Island and Dalutan Island. Its capital, Naval, is home to some 44,288 people in 9,575 households based on the 2007 national census.