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Dapitan City

It is a city in the province of Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines, historically significant as being the place where the national hero, Jose Rizal was exiled by the Spaniards and is known as the "Shrine City in the Philippines."

The origin of the word 'Dapitan" is history itself. It tells of Datu Pagbuaya who left his realm in the island of Panglao, Bohol to escape the Ternatans at whose hands his borther Dailisan met an untimely end.  




Dapitan lies on the northwestern coast of the island of Mindanao. It is a double-wedge-shaped mass of land bounded on the north by the Sulu sea, and linked on the south by the municipalities of La Libertad and Mutia, on the east by the municipalities of Sibutad and Rizal, and on the west by Dipolog City and the municipality of Polanco.The city has a total land area of 215 square kilometers and is 14 kilometers from Cipolog City. The 50 stars on its official seal represent the 50 barangays under it.


Dapitan City is politically subdivided into 50 barangays.

* Aliguay
* Antipolo
* Aseniero
* Ba-ao
* Bagting (Pob.)
* Banbanan
* Banonong (Pob.)
* Barcelona
* Baylimango
* Burgos
* Canlucani
* Carang
* Cawa-cawa (Pob.)
* Dampalan
* Daro
* Dawo (Pob.)
* Diwa-an
* Guimputlan
* Hilltop
* Ilaya
* Kauswagan (Talisay)
* Larayan
* Linabo (Pob.)
* Liyang
* Maria Cristina
* Maria Uray
* Masidlakon
* Matagobtob Pob. (Talisay)
* Napo
* Opao
* Oro
* Owaon
* Oyan
* Polo
* Potol (Pob.)
* Potungan
* San Francisco
* San Nicolas
* San Pedro
* San Vicente
* Santa Cruz (Pob.)
* Santo Niño
* Sicayab Bocana
* Sigayan
* Silinog
* Sinonoc
* Sulangon
* Tag-olo
* Taguilon
* Tamion

Languages/Dialects Spoken

Approximately 99.3 percent of the total household population in the city speak Cebuano while the remaining 0.7 percent speak Subanun, Ilonggo and Filipino, among others. A few of the elder folks speak Spanish.




Dapitan's climate is characterized by rainfall more or less evenly distributed throughout the year. Warm months are May and June and the cold months are December, January and February.

Major Industries
The economy of Dapitan is fundamentally agricultural. The five (5) leading crops are coconut, palay, corn and fruit trees.


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Attractions at Dapitan City

Kinabayo Festival
Rizal Park