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Sta. Cruz

Sta. Cruz situates in the Northern part of Davao del Sur. Bounded by Davao City on the north and south by the city of Digos. After undergoing several political subdivisions, 27,960 hectares of land was left representing 6.7% of the total land area of Davao del Sur. Forest land comprises 60% and the rest includes the 8 coastal barangays in the area.

Town History


Sta. Cruz is the oldest town in Davao del Sur. The first municipality created South of Davao, called the Investors’ Haven of Davao del Sur because of its prevailing healthv investment climate in the last decade. Today the present of large investors like the San Miguel Corporation, Coco Davao Inc., Franklin Baker Co., are just a manifestation that investors believed and had situated their businesses in the locality. Through aggressive and coordinated efforts of the LGUs, NGAs, NGOs and other concern citizens in the locality full industrialization is foreseen in the next decade.


Santa Cruz is politically subdivided into 18 barangays.

    * Astorga
    * Bato
    * Coronon
    * Darong
    * Inawayan
    * Jose Rizal
    * Matutungan
    * Melilia
    * Zone I (Pob.)
    * Saliducon
    * Sibulan
    * Sinoron
    * Tagabuli
    * Tibolo
    * Tuban
  * Zone II (Pob.)consists of the following barrios: Balalan,Loay,Lubo,Lote Quiait(Kyawit),New Victor,Escandor,Carmen,Dioloy,Townsite
    * Zone III (Pob.)
    * Zone IV (Pob.)




Attractions at Sta. Cruz

Pista sa Kinaiyahan
Sinab'Badan Festival