Tubod - Lanao del Norte Destinations


Tubod derived its name from the spring located at Sitio Baybay of Barangay Poblacion. According to the old folks, even during the longest dry season, the spring will not drain. Tubod comes from the Cebuano word

Tubod is politically subdivided into 24 barangays.

    * Barakanas
    * Baris (Lumangculob)
    * Bualan
    * Bulod
    * Camp V
    * Candis
    * Caniogan
    * Dalama
    * Kakai Renabor
    * Kalilangan
    * Licapao
    * Malingao    
    * Palao
    * Patudan
    * Pigcarangan
    * Pinpin
    * Poblacion
    * Pualas
    * San Antonio
    * Santo Niño
    * Taden
    * Tangueguiron
    * Taguranao
    * Tubaran

Tubod is the site of the Mindanao Civic Center which houses a hotel, cafeteria, gym, swimming pool, oval, and other sports facilities. MCC is as impressive 71-hectare integrated complex with 5-hectare provincial trade center, 18-hectare sports facilities with 48-hectares still open for the proposed 18-hole golf course, picnic park and sports academy. MCC was the first sports hub of the First Mindanao Friendship Games. The main stadium has a seating capacity of 14,000.




Attractions at Tubod

Sagayan Festival
Sagingan Festival