Local Philippines Events
May 24 | Dipolog CityThe Pagsalabuk Festival features a street dance, trade fair, motocross, and a beauty pageant. The term pagsalabuk refers to a gathering or being together. The festival aims to celebrate the interplay of the different cultures thriving in the city. Source:travelmartWOW Philippines                  

May 24-31 |Camarines Sur, Philippines  The Kaogma Festival marks the foundation anniversary of the Province of Camarines Sur. The week-long festival features numerous activities such as cultural expositions, sports events, a beauty pageant, and the Grand Parade.   Recently, the Kaogma Festival title has been modified to "Kaogma Mardi Gras: the World's Hottest Festival."  Kaogma translates to "a good time" in the local dialect.   Sources:Wow BicolWikipedia   

May 24
May 24 | Calauag, Quezon, Philippines.  The TREE OF LIFE popularly known as coconut is a common cash crop in the Municipality of Calauag and in the whole province of Quezon. Almost 100% of the total land area is planted to coconut. The local government unit designed activities to be participated in solely by coconut farmers and workers. Coprarehan, Cocokayuran and Cocobunutan, traditional activities in copra making were highlighted as annual activities to be observed every fiesta. The festivals were be participated only by seaweed growers, coconut farmers, coconut farm workers and coco wage earners.  Source:Tourism.qzn.ph

May 24 | La Paz, Iloilo City  This is the district fiesta of La Paz in honor of Nuestra Señora de La Paz de Bien Viaje.  Source:Corporate.mozcom.com

May 25 | Calauag, Quezon, Philippines.  A festival highlighting the Higanteng Alimango as their icon. The feast celebrates the abundance of mud crab in the province.  Source:VisitMyPhilippines.com

May 25
May 25 | Calbiga, Samar In the Western Samar town of Calbiga, tribal memory goes back to a time when this "humanoid" had saved village folk from imminent famine by driving off marauding waves of pestilential maya or ricebirds. While this memory may be partly legend, it had somehow formed a core of local practice revolving around the scarecrow or pahoy. Pahoy-Pahoy had been a ritual of propriation and invocation to the old animistic gods to protect and make fertile the tribe’s rice lands and its agricultural endeavor. Today, Calbiga’s Pahoy-Pahoy has been assimilated into the Christian tradition of the yearly town fiesta in the form of the Pahoy-Pahoy Farmers’ Festival. Source:Province of Samar

May 26- May 30 | New Bataan, Compostela ValleyThe Malumagpak Challenge is a trek to the Malumagpak Falls in Mount Manurigao.  Source:Travelmart                      

May 1-30 | Lucena, Quezon, Philippines  Pasayahan sa Lucena was conceptualized to the natural and ecological interrelationship and independence between nature and man. It also promotes the ways of life inherent among the people of Lucena. All these find exquisites and appreciative expressions through a mammoth gathering of colors, outlandish costumes and symbolic floats reminiscent of Mardi Gras in Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans.showcase The first Pasayahan in 1987 was a big triumph that it has become an annual affair. Year after year the Pasayan draws a sea of frolicking humanity. Pasayahan sa Lucena 2006 features Chami Festival to promote Lucena’s very own native delicacy, the chami. Other features such as the Midnight Madness Sale and street concerts take stage in the Pasayahan.Source:Lucena City Government Website

May 30
May 30 | Lucena, Quezon, Philippines. The Fiesta is celebrated every May 30 of the year, in honor of Saint Ferdinand. Other festivities also includes Lucena’s version of Ati-Atihan, Igorot Cañao, Mascara Festival, Muslim Wedding, Moriones Festival, Penagbenga Flower Festival, Santacruzan and Pista sa Nayon. Source:1stPhilippines.com

May 30
May 30 | Lucena, Quezon, Philippines.  This is celebrated on the eve of the City Fiesta, in commemoration of its original townsfolk who have already settled abroad tracing ones family origin, old friends and neighbors. Source:1stPhilippines.com