Local Philippines Events
February 26
February 26 | Zamboanga City, Philippines Dia de Zamboanga is held every year to celebrate the foundation day of Zamboanga City. The event brings together Muslim and Christian inhabitants in the city for a day of cultural and religious celebrations. Cultural shows, exhibits, and regattas are some of the notable activities organized during the festival.  Source:Wikipedia.orgPhilippinefestivalss.blogspot.com

February 27
February 27 | General Santos City The Kalilangan Festival is a celebration that coincides with founding anniversary of the city.  The name of the festival, Kalilangan is derived from the Maguindanaoan word kalilang, which means "festival" or "celebration."  The celebration depicts the historical event that started from the docking of the pioneers at the shores of Sarangani Bay. With empty hands and hopeful hearts, these pioneering migrants tilled the lands and cultivated the land that is now General Santos City.  For this year's schedule of the Kalilangan Festival, check out the Byahilo! blog. For photos, check this one out.   Source: Travelmart

February 27
February 27 | Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines.  The Itik-Itik Festival is held every last Sunday of February in Brgy. Kalawaan. Men, women and children take part in the activities and merrymaking. The significant event is not only limited to colorful activities, sumptuous food, revelry and fun, but also draws people closer to God and to one another. It is a rich showcase of Filipino culture and tradition usually celebrated on the Feasts of the barangay’s beloved patroness, St. Martha. Source:Travelmart.net

February 28
February 28- March 31 | Tobias Fornier, Antique,PhilippinesA celebration of rites called samba/paned. This describe two kinds of rituals, one held on the hills (or mountains) and other held along the seacoast perform to ask for rain, to thank the ancestral spirit for good harvest.  Source:TravelMart.net