Local Philippines Events
June 24
June 24 | Sara The Sulay Basya is a festival in honor of Saint John the Baptist and the baptism of Jesus, which started Jesus' evangelical mission. This festival is celebrated with water, the key element in baptisms.  Sulay is the Hiligaynon word for getting wet usually under the rain or any gushing water, and Basya means “to intentionally douse water on someone or group of people.”  During the feast of San Juan people who fail to go to the beach or any body of water celebrate by "basyahanay" or intentionally dousing each other with water. With water as the major element of festival, the municipality stages various activities that highlight water-related activities. Read more about Sulay Basya.  

June 24
June 24 | Leganes Every 24th of June Legasnons troop to the beaches of Leganes to witness the celebration of their town's unprecedented skill in sailing and to celebrate their achievement for consistently producing perennial race champions during the annual regatta race.  The Biray Paraw Festival  features paraws or double out-rigger dugout, a popular recreational vehicle in most coastal towns in the Philippines. The paraw has been the town's symbol and has been the vehicle for the preservation of Leganes culture and traditions and the promotion of tourism to area. Know more about Biray Paraw.  

June 24 | Pola, Oriental Mindoro This is a religious festival in honor of St. John the Baptist, coupled with a festive social affair. It is usually a banquet, preceded by a pagoda and the parade of lechon (roast pig).  Its most interesting feature is the "Gabi ng Pakulo," a combination of street dancing and all sorts of cultural entertainment, performed by different barangays on the streets of Pola.  Source:Travelmart.net  

June 24 |Pola, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines At the Lechon Festival, or Parada ng Lechon, in local parlance, roast pigs or lechon garbed in creative costumes are paraded around the town to the accompaniment of gay chanting and "buhusan" – a customary practice during the San Juan Bautista feast, which involves water dousing. A selection of the best from among the lechon entries follows, along with a free-for-all banquet open to the townsfolk and visitors alike. Source:Travelmart.net

June 25 | Pola, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines  Legend says that a long time ago, a fisherman saw a statue on the shore. The statue was identified later by the priest as the statue of St. John the Baptist and from then on it has become the town’s Patron Saint. Sab’uyan Festival takes place every June 24 in honor of the Patron Saint John the Baptist. The image is taken from the church and carried on procession to the sea where it was first found. It is accompanied by a band and set on a beautifully decorated big boat. The Sab’uyan begins. People in the boat throw seawater to one another chanting “Viva San Juan Bautista.” After the procession at sea, the image is carried around town. Dancers from various groups follow the image. The Sab’uyan continues. The splashing of water is received with good humor for the people believe that being doused brings good health, luck and happiness. The procession ends in the church plaza. Source:Philippinefiestas.com

June 26
June 26 | Batanes, Philippines  Marked with playground demonstrations, parades, the Palu-palo Festival, and other cultural events. Source:Wowphilippines.com.ph

June 27 | Tagbina, Surigao del Sur The Taephag Festival is a Manobo ritual done in preparation for planting or harvesting. Source:travelmart Experiencephilippines.ph  

June 14-17 | San Isidro, Davao Oriental The Bauldayawan Festival celebrates a good harvest. The term Bauldayawan is derived from three words. Baul is from the Mandaya word for farm. Da is from dagat or sea. Yawan means to keep. Activities during the festival include streetdancing, a float parade, an agri-trade fair, and a number of cultural presentations.  Source: 1stPhilippines  

June 28 | Cagdianao, Surigao del NorteThe Sirong-Sirong Festival is a celebration held in honor of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. The event is highlighted by an ethnic mardigras contest, an agro-industrial fair, and public dancing. Source: travelmart

June 28 - 29 | Bantayan The term palawod means to go out to the sea to fish. Fishing is a very important activity in Bantayan given that the municipality is considered as one of Cebu's fishing centers. The festival aims to show the public the life of a fishing community through dances and colorful costumes. Source:Cebu Province Official WebsiteBiyahilo