Local Philippines Events
April 6
April 6 | Dolores, Quezon, Philippines  Dolores Day is the town’s foundation anniversary. On this date, people from other places come to the town and pray in the town church. Many sick people also come to pray to be healed. Source:Flyphilippines.com.ph

April 7 | Kidapawan City, North Cotabato  Allaw Ta Apo Sandawa marks the gathering of various Mindanaon tribes to honor Mount Apo as the country's highest peak. Because of Mount Apo's height, it has been considered as sacred ground. The annual gathering is celebrated during the second week of April. How to get to Allaw Ta Apo Sandawa (Tribes Honor Mt. Apo) If taking off from Manila, a flight to Cotabato City will take around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Land travel from Cotabato to Kidapawan will take around 2 hours and 15 minutes. If you are already in Mindanao, land trips to Kidapawan are available from any point in the island. Source:MEDCo

April 08 - 12 | La Union, San Isidro, Davao Oriental Mount Hamiguitan is home to an array of unique natural attractions. The mountain houses the 600-hectare Pygmy Forest, a forest of miniature trees that stand around 2 to 3 feet tall. Near the forest is the narrow but tall Twin Falls. In the mountain you will also find Tinagong Dagat (hidden sea), a mysterious lake said to have high and low tide schedules. Because Mount Hamiguitan is a protected wildlife sanctuary, the local government has issued the following policies to be followed by trekkers. Registration fee shall be paid at the Municipal Treasury Office before the climbers are allowed to trek Mt. Hamiguitan. REGISTRATION FEE (individual)> Local Trekkers (from San Isidro)>>>>>>>>>>>> P 100.00> Local Trekkers (outside San Isidro)>>>>>>>>>   300.00> students (from San Isidro) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   50.00> Students (outside San Isidro) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>   200.00> Foreign Trekkers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  500.00 Porter's Payment >>> P 250.00 per day for the local trekkers and P 500.00 for the foreigner Exit Fee - There shall be collected an exit fee in the amount of P 100.00 from every individual trekker who may use other entry point to Mt. Hamiguitan, but who may exit through the San Isidro trail. ALLOWABLE TREKKERS/CLIMBERS> Climbers or mountaineers shall be limited to 15 persons per trek excluding porter> Ratio of 3-5 trekkers is to 1 porter DO'S AND DONT'S> Carry away with you your trash.> Trekking trail and camping grounds should be kept clean and sanitary at all times.> Do not leave marks on tree trunks; rocks; boulders or natural structures.> Do not molest or harm the animals in the area and don't collect or destroy flora and fauna, etc.> No use of firewoods for cooking or any other purposes. Climbers are required to bring camping stoves. PROHIBITIONS> No climber/trekker shall be allowed entry to Mt. Hamiguitan without undergoing first an orientation and accreditation with the Municipal Tourism Office.> No trekking shall be allowed exceeding a maximum of three (3) days.> No campfires or bonfires> No illegal drugs> No firecrackers> No axes and bolos allowed> No soap and shampoo> No guide, no climb> No camping paraphernalia, no climb> No cutting of trees PENALTY> A person who violates any of the foregoing provisions shall be imposed with an administrative fine in the amount of FIVE HUNDRED PESOS (P500.00) but not exceeding TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED PESOS (P 2,500.00) at the discretion of the Municipal Mayor depending on the gravity of the offense committed and upon the recommendation of the Municipal Tourism Council.  Source: travelmart Pinoy MountaineerOfficial Website of San Isidro 

April 9
April | Sta. Cruz, Laguna, Philippines  Many would think that Sta. Cruz, Laguna’s capital, is unfortunate because it is not endowed with natural tourist spot and no wide area to develop a man made attraction, which cannot be said of its neighboring towns. But this fact is far from the truth. What Sta. Cruz lacks in natural resources it compensated for its people’s ingenuity and resourcefulness. The festival showcased parade participated in by the town’s officials and employees, candidates of Mutya ng Sta. Cruz pageant and members of civic and business groups and is made gay by jubilant street dancing. The nine-day celebration featured different native products of Laguna as well.Source:MSC Communication Technologies, Inc.  

April 9
April 9 | Bataan, Philippines  The Bataan Day Celebration is an annual event of the province. War veterans and their families travel from all over the country to Mount Samat every April 9 to reminisce the past and celebrate the bravery of our soldiers who offered their lives for freedom. Prior to the big day, the Provincial Government and the Provincial Tourism Office sponsor activities like a photo contest and exhibit, quiz bees, beauty pageants, trade fairs, and a drum and bugle competition/exhibition. Source:Tambayanet.com

April 10
Good Friday | Rizal, Philippines  A group of men, after feasting and overnight meditation, gather around the church to wait for the flowerdecked carroza of the Santo Sepulcre, a wooden statue of the dead Christ. They rush forward to insert various objects in the folds of the robes, under the feet, in the hollows of the hands. The image is then loaded with handkerchiefs, bronze medals and pieces of paper inscribed with Latin phrases. The float is encircled by the men with linden hands.  After the procession, these men retrieve the objects from the image. Now it is the time for the "subok," that is putting into the test the talismans by using whips, revolvers, knives and machetes (bolo) throughout the afternoon and evening, or till Saturday. Each one tests the effectivity of his talisman by requesting another man to shoot , whip or stab him. Source:philtravelcenter.com  

April 10
Good Friday | Rizal, Philippines  Rituals in observance of the suffering, passion, and death of Jesus Christ are observed with steadfast intensity throughout the province, specially in Cainta, sometimes with the actual enactments of the stations of the cross and mailing. From early morning until noontime each Good Friday, members of non-sectarian "cenaculo" companies, walk throughout the main streets of Cainta, usually in the company of penitents. Source:philtravelcenter.com 

April 11| Dolores, Quezon, Philippines.  Since the early times, Sitio Hambujan wa an eminent bathing place now called Sta. Lucia. Hambujan to most is just basaan. But to the deepest essence of the word, it is the ceremony of acceptance of guests from other places who come to present themselves with gift of friendship and the proposal of unity. It has now become the gateway to the strengthening of our brotherhood as a nation through our tradition. And to this effect a  Hambujan Festival was organized and being held annually in the month of April  the towns Foundation Celebration.  Source:Tourism.qzn.ph

 April 12 – 21 | Bacolod City   It is one grand celebration bringing together all the ten cities and twenty two municipalities in a showcase of trade, tourism, commerce and industry, arts and culture, beauty and talent, as well as games and sports. Source:FlyPhilippines

April 13-17 | San Miguel, Baggao, Cagayan  The Congress aims to foster relationship among cavers in the country and to help develop the knowledge and attitude of the community on the Tourism Industry. The Sierra Madre Outdoor Club and Sang-at Salug Outdoor Club are pioneering outdoor groups in Region 2 are collaborating for the event.   Source:TravelMart.net