Local Philippines Events
July 15
July 15-16 |Roxas City, Capiz, PhilippinesA showcase of the seafood products, notably the diwal - the exotic and best tasting shellfish in the world. Source:Wowphilippines.ca

July 16-19 | Koronadal City, South Cotabato The Tinalak Festival demonstrates the importance of tinalak cloth in the culture of the people in Cotabato. The festival is also celebrated as the foundation anniversary of South Cotabato.  How to get to Tinalak FestivalIf taking off from Manila, an airplane ride to General Santos City will take around an hour and 45 minutes. Koronadal is around an hour and a half drive away from General Santos and is accessible by land. Source:tourism.govtravelmart wikipedia                

July 19 | Digos City, Davao del Sur Padigosan is a festival in Digos featuring activities like lechon parade, street dancing, trade fair, and sports competition. The celebration commemorates the founding of Digos into a municipality back in July 19, 1949. The name of the festival is derived from the term padigos, which means "to take a bath". Moreover, the city name Digos also has the same origin. The use of such a term dates back to a story of a settler having a short conversation with a native. The settler asked the native "What is this the name of this place?". Having thought that the settler asked "Where are you going?", the native answered "padigos" - which meant that he was about to take a bath in the river. With the native's reply, the settler thought that the name of the place was Padigos. Later, the name evolved to Digos. Source:sunstartubagbohol.comUCAN Diocesan Profile Series  

July 19 - 23 | Bugani, Compostela Valley The Buganihan Festival celebrates the Founding day of the municipality of Bugani. A culminating activity is done on the 23rd of July.  Source:tripatlas  

July 22
July 22 | Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental The Kaliga Festival is celebrated to mark the city charter anniversary. Activities during the celebration are street dancing, trade fairs, a civic military parade, and an awarding ceremony for achievers.  How to get to Kaliga Festival Gingoog is best reached through Cagayan de Oro City. Cagayan de Oro is accesible from Cebu and Manila by air. Upon landing on Cagayan de Oro, you can travel to Gingoog by land. If starting within Mindanao, land travel can easily take you to Gingoog city. Source: travelmart WOW Philippines

July 22-25 | Libon, Albay, PhilippinesKatalingkasan which means freedom and rebirth, is held in conjunction with the Libon Town Fiesta and the feast of its Patron Saint, St. James the Greater. The festival aims to revive the rich cultural heritage of the town and at the same time promote local tourism.  Source:Wowphilippines.ca

July 22-26 | Buguey, Cagayan, PhilipppinesThe patronal town fiesta of Buguey is celebrated with an agro-industrial trade fair and the promotion of fisheries products like crabs including special events and guided tours. Source:Wow Philippines

July 23 | Batangas City, Batangas, PhilippinesAn annual celebration to pay homage to the Holy Cross for a bountiful harvest. Source:Wowphilippines.caBatangascity.gov.ph

July 23 | Tanjay City, Negros Oriental Choreographed procession recounts ancient Monochristian conflict and the intercession of patron Senior Santiago. Source:Sidlakan Tours & Travel

July 24 | Bulusan, Albay, Philippines. This is basically a street-dancing festival that showcases the ancient legend of Bulusan's two lakes -- Bulusan and Agingay. Held every 24th of July, high school students dressed in their own version of abaca fineries make their way around the town with their choreographed steps, while drums made of bamboo keep rhythm with the occasional horn-like sound of the budyong (a large kind of sea shell). Source:Geocities.com