Barangay Licup Viewing Deck - Davao del Norte Attractions

Barangay Licup Viewing Deck

The viewing deck at Licup, Samal Island provides a great view of the Davao Gulf. If the sky is clear enough, one can even see Davao City's downtown buildings. At night, Davao's citylights make the scenery look like heaven - as claimed by locals.


The place is simple with a small area dedicated for landscape art and two small huts where guests can hang out.


The project was initiated by the Licup Barangay Captain as a tribute to a priest who died at the exact spot where the viewing deck is today. At the same time, the barangay captain also has a venue to showcase his passion for gardening - which can be seen through how the place is decorated with ferns and flowers.


How to get to Barangay Licup Viewing Deck


Samal is accessible by seatrip from Sasa, Davao City. Upon arriving in the island, motorcycle transport to the resort is readily available. Tell the driver to take you to the viewing deck in Licup. 

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