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Vanishing Island

The vanishing island is a parcel of land visible only during a low tide - although, during the high tide it is possible to walk on the island with the water reaching only the ankles. It is a few minutes from the shores of Samal Island.


It is noticeable from a distance because of the presence of what seems to be houses floating directly on the surface of the ocean. These houses are intended for those who want to stay longer. However, use of these houses depend on the caretakers who also happen to be locals.


Recently, the local government made the vanishing island a protected marine reserve. Mangrove trees have been planted within the vicinity to further support marine life.




The vanishing island is located a few minutes away from the shores of Tambo, Babak, Island Garden City of Samal. Samal Island is accessible by seatrip from Sasa, Davao City. Upon arriving in the island, motorcycle transport is readily available. Prompt the motorcycle driver to take you to the vanishing island at Barangay Tambo. From Tambo, ride a small boat to the vanishing island. 


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