Batbatan Island - Antique Attractions

Batbatan Island

Batbatan Island is located 8 kilometers from Mararison Island, Culasi in the Province of Antique.


The gorgeous island rises as a mound of soft greenery, an attraction to scuba divers. A group of American oceanographers conclude that the island belongs to the Caribbean Category. Natural caves and anchorage are also found on the island, likewise to the white sand beaches.


How to Get to Batbatan Island

San Jose de Buenavista(the capital town) is accessible via passenger plane, Asian Spirit, three times a week from Manila, and from the major cities of the country through Iloilo City.  From Iloilo, it's a two-hour ride by bus or van. If you are coming from Boracay Island, the province can be reached through RORO buses from Boracay terminal in Malay, Aklan and regular buses plying Nabas, Aklan to the northern part of the province down to the capital town of San Jose de Buenavista.  



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