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Iwahig Penal Farm

A unique tourist attraction, this so called 'penal farm' is more of a rehabilitation centre. The 4,000-strong population is comprised of inmates and their families who use the farming infrastructure to rebuild their own lives. Prisoners work under supervision, but are allotted a substantial amount of freedom and are even able to derive a family-supporting income by selling crafts and produce in shops on the farm. Hand-carved mahogany is a popular medium here. The farm fosters a surprisingly serene environment, and tourists are guarded with the utmost care. This is a wonderful way for tourism dollars to fund grass-root community programmes.


The Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm was originally set up in 1902 by the United States to house Philippine prisoners who had fought against the American colonization of the Philippines. Today, situated on the lush island of Palawan, only 30 minutes by road from Puerto Princesa City, Iwahig is unique among penal institutions. Despite the fact that most of the 2,300 inmates have been convicted of homicide, the majority are minimum security prisoners and are thus not locked up within the colony. Instead, these minimum security inmates live in dormitories and work on one of the many agricultural projects located within the prison farm. Prisoners who are deemed to be at risk of escaping are confined to medium or maximum security areas, where they are monitored, but these prisoners comprise less than fifty percent of the Iwahig population.




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