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Kutawato Caves

The Kutawato Caves are the only caves in the country located right in the heart of the city. Its various entrances are all within city traffic.


The name given to the caves is the origin of the city's present name, Cotabato. Kuta means "fort" and Wato means "stone", hence the name "Fort of Stone". The term Kutawato eventually became "Cotabato".


Its walls of white, beige and brownish shade glitters in the dark and echoes a colorful past dating back to the days when no foreign foot yet trampled upon its land. The caves had given sanctuary to the natives when the Spaniards tried to convert them into the Castillan Faith. The caves also served the same purpose when the Filipino guerillas fought the invading force of the Japanese Imperial Army during the Second World War. When the Japanese firepower proved superior to that of the natives, the caves were then used as an armory and even as a garrison.




The caves can be reached via the four entrances; the Provincial Capitol Cave, Bagua Cave, Caverna Español and the Kuweba ni Satur.


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