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Mariyah Gallery

The Mariyah Gallery in Dumaguete City Negros Oriental Philippines was established in 1992 for the promotion and advancement of art and culture. It is coordinating and the implementing body of the Dumaguete Open Biennial Terra Cotta Art Festival Exhibit and Competition, which was launched in 2005.


The Gallery is a haven to visual artists and a host to various arts-related events like the Philippine Writing Workshop, Visual Artists Exhibit and Conference and the like. Moreover, Mariyah Gallery opens its doors and extends its services to local performers in the region. It also, initiates Art Workshops for both children and adults during summer.


Another interesting attribute of Mariyah Gallery is their Residency Program on Terra Cotta which is held every two years. Artists who show interest in the medium are welcome.


When you visit Mariyah Gallery, what you will see there are the artworks of Cristina “Kitty” S. Taniguchi, Maria S. Taniguchi and Danni Sollesta. The garden outside is used for sculptures and other installations, and there is the wall area that can accommodate at least 10 to 15 regular-sized paintings.



Mariyah Gallery is located within the city area. It is approximately 3- to 5-minute ride from the Dumaguete Airport, the Dumaguete Warf, and the commercial area.







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