Sad-sad Falls - Guimaras Attractions

Sad-sad Falls

Sad-sad Falls is located in Sta. Teresa, Jordan, Guimaras.


The waterfalls is about 150 ft. drop of cool, clean crystal water zigzagging among and under the rocks. The surrounding area is further cooled and shaded by towering trees, vines and foliage thus it is a perfect place to hang out especially during hot summer days.


The area is actually owned by Ms. Emily Lopez, former congresswoman of Guimaras and fortunatley it is open for public. The locals usually enjoy sunday picnics and swimming parties on weekends here in Sad-sad Falls.


How to get to Sad-sad Falls?


The falls is approximately a kilometer away from the Jordan-Nueva Valencia highway, a short distance after the Trappist Monastery.






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