The Guimaras Agritourism Circuit - Guimaras Attractions

The Guimaras Agritourism Circuit

The circuit links several farm sites from the five municipalities of Guimaras. The Guimaras Agro Tourism Circuit is a seven kilometer loop that covers orchards, bee farms, salt farms, and aqua culture ponds.


A tour in the circuit will take you to An-an's Farm, Christelle's Farm Products and Nursery, Eli Sustituido Farm, Guimaras Bee Center, Guimaras Tree Farm, Guimaras Wonders Farm, Oro Verde Mango Plantation, Sebario Salt Farms, and Southern Orchard.


A number of scenic views fill the monotony of the circumferential roads. A bird's eye view of the coastal areas and rice fields are a sight to behold.


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