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Guisi Point Lighthouse

The Guisi Point Lighthouse in Brgy. Dolores in the town of Nueva Valencia, was built during the 18th century to guide passing ships cruising along the Guimaras Strait. Two of the three lighthouses in Guisi were built during the Spanish era, the third one is newer compared to the two and is in working condition. Aside from the lighthouse and ruins in Guisi, another pride of this place is its unspoilt beach. Not much of beachcombers here as compared to the popular Guimaras Beach site in Alubihod. And the view of the beach from the Lighthouse and Ruins is simply breathtaking.


How to Get To Guisi Point Lighthouse


From Iloilo City, take a pump boat ride to Jordan Port in Ortiz St., City Proper. Once there, the Guimaras Tourism Office can help you find transportation if you wish to travel by land (Multicab = P500 for One-way and P800 for Roundtrip) or by sea (Small pump boat is P700). The travel time from Iloilo to Guisi is approximately 1hr and 30mins.



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While in Guimaras and visiting the Guisi Point Lighthouts, also check out the Guisi Point Cottage.

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