Mamala - Quezon Attractions


Mamala is located in Barangay Mamala I, Sariaya, Quezon, Philippines.


It is a small barangay, which is located in the heart of Mt. Banahaw. The area enjoys a cool temperature of about 17.2 degrees Celsius. About 400 meters from the end of the concrete road is the “jungle,” as the locals refer to it. Inside the jungle are lush vegetation and a river, which supplies the irrigation system of the area. Giant ferns, some extending to more than 10 feet, are all over the side of the foot trail.



Events Related to Mamala

Agawan Festival
Feast of San Isidro
Feast of San Isidro / Agawan sa Sariaya

Attractions Related to Mamala

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Dumagat Settlement
Kutang San Diego
Lamon Bay
Sariaya Museum