Feast of San Isidro - Quezon Events

Feast of San Isidro

May 11-15 | Sariaya, Quezon, Philippines.


The Feast of San Isidro bears similarities with the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban. While the participants of the Pahiyas Festival make use of kiping (rice-flour concoction shaped like leaves)the decoration used during the Feast of San Isidro consist of fruits, vegetables, candies, bread, and other food either thrown or given to people after the patron saint has passed them. Joyous preparations for the feast of Saint Isidro de Labrador, patron saint of farmers and laborers, begins on the eve of May 14. The best of their crops are hung on the windows, walls, arenas, and young bamboo trees called bagakays. As soon as the procession of the patron saint passes a decorated house, people are allowed to get its crop decor.


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