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Sariaya Museum

Sariaya Museum is located in Sariaya, Quezon, Philippines.


Considered as the oldest house existed here in Sariaya, was built on 1700 during the Spanish regime and owned by philanthropist Don Juanito Alvarez.This home became the " Quadricentennial Museum" or Sariaya Museum when heirs Mr. Ramon Alvarez decided to lend this home with cultural and historical relics of Sariaya. We could find things such as antique mirrors, chairs and tables, old violin, grinder and others that commemorate the culture and traditions of Sariayahins. The most famous artifact here is the lithograph of the manuscript of NOLI ME TANGERE of Dr. Jose Rizal one of the only 27 existed which was donated thru Dr. Martin Ilao, the writer of " Sariaya, Oh Sariaya: An Introductory History For the Young" by an anonymous donor. Sariayahin was proud of having this museum that restore not only the ancient culture and tradition of Sariaya but also the history of the town.



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