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Katapang Falls

Katapang Falls is located in Pagbilao, Quezon, Philippines.


Katapang Falls is probably the highest waterfalls in Pagbilao. To describe how high it is, you need to take photos from at least three locations to capture the whole height. First photo position is at the two cascades at the bottom. Then you have to climb these two cascades to take another shot of the next set of cascades. At this part, the cascades are difficult to count as the water falls in various locations along the angled slope of the rock face. After climbing the rocks along these cascades up to the top, you will see another set of cascades to your right. In other words, coming from the topmost part, the falls took a left turn. Thus, with the turns and numerous cascades, the whole falls will not fit in one frame.




Events Related to Katapang Falls

Feast of St. Catherine De Alexandria (Bilao Festival)

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